Silverwave Island CL 250

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The 250 Island CL is the largest of the CL line. Like the 200 and 220, the 250 is a great boat for anyone who enjoys water sports or just bringing along all their friends for some good times on the water. Onboard the 250 Island CL you’ll find more than enough comfortable seating and it’s stunning looks are sure to turn heads.

Boat Length: 25′ 6″


Boat Beam: 102″ or 8′ 6″


Max Horsepower: 150, Performance Pkg 150HP, Triple Toon 250hp


Number of Persons: 14 or 16 with optional Tri Toon


Max Weight: 2013lbs or 2475lbs with optional Tri Toon


Boat Weight: 2250lbs or 2550lbs with optional Tri Toon


Fuel Capacity: 27 gallons or 47 gallons with optional Tri Toon Pkg

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