Silverwave Island LP 230

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The largest of the LP models, the Island 250 LP is has enough room to accommodate the largest of groups. It makes a great place to spread out and relax. Do some serious fishing from the front while the rest of the family enjoys relaxing in the back of this spacious boat. A pair of fishing chairs in the bow for comfortable fishing, an L shaped couch for comfort with our exclusive leaning pad feature on the sun deck. This boat truly has it all.

Boat Length: 23′ 10″


Boat Beam: 102″ or 8′ 6″


Max Horsepower: 140, Performance Pkg 150, Tri Toon 200


Number of Persons: 12 or 14 with optional Tri Toon


Max Weight: 1829lbs or 2139lbs with optional Tri Toon


Boat Weight: 1850lbs or 2240lbs with optional Tri Toon


Fuel Capacity: 27 gallons or 47 gallons with optional Tri Toon Pkg

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